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Functional Programming and Scientific Analysis and Visualisation


09:30 1. Welcome and Q&A What are we going to learn today?
10:00 2. Functional Programming What is functional programming?
What is recursion?
How does functional programming manipulate data?
11:00 3. Functional Programming in Python How do we express the MapReduce model in a more Pythonic way?
How can we make our data processing more memory efficient?
12:30 4. Lunch
13:30 5. Q&A Session Any content questions or problems?
14:00 6. Scientific Programming with NumPy What is NumPy and what can I use it for?
What are the differences between NumPy arrays and Python lists?
How do I extract subsets of data from a dataset?
How can I use NumPy to tell me basic statistical properties about my data?
15:20 7. Scientific Visualisation with Matplotlib How can I visualise my data?
What is Matplotlib and what can I use it for?
16:30 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.