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Developing better code with automated testing


09:30 1. Q&A session
10:00 2. Introduction Why do we want to implement automated tests for our software?
10:15 3. Automatically Testing your Software Does the code we develop work the way it should do?
Can we (and others) verify these assertions for themselves?
To what extent are we confident of the accuracy of results that appear in publications?
11:00 4. Diagnosing Issues and Improving Robustness Once we know our program has errors, how can we identify where they are?
How can we make our programs more resilient to failure?
11:45 5. Mocking for Unit Testing How can we test components in isolation that depend on an external environment or other components?
12:30 6. Lunch
13:30 7. Q&A session
14:00 8. Continuous Integration How can I automate a variety of tasks on a repository to make my software more robust?
17:00 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.